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Planning Package
Price: $1875*
Our planning package is designed with the busy couple in mind. This package will provide you with piece of mind from beginning to end. Our services include, but may not be limited to:
  • Vendor Services - interviewing vendors, recommendations for vendors, coordinating with vendors
  • Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Coordination
  • Wedding Day Coordination
Wow short list right? If we listed EVERYTHING out it would take days to read! This is our all inclusive package - you are going to get a wedding planner that will walk you through the entire process of planning your wedding. We will get you down the aisle and onto the dance floor.
 Coordination Package
Price: $600*
 The Daisybug Wedding Coordination Package is our speciality and is designed for the DIY bride and organized bride who already have their ducks in a row. You've hired your vendors, you've created your decorations and goodie bags but do you really want to be responsible for getting the vendors there on time and set up too? What happens if the cake doesn't arrive, the photographer is late and the minister shows up to the wrong venue? Have no fear, that is why you hire us!
 The Coordination Package is the package that begins the week before your wedding. We will coordinate with your vendors, run the rehearsal and coordinate the day of your wedding.  Not to mention we will provide you with piece of mind that you can be the focus of your wedding.
The Celebrity Package
This is our newest offering and it's been quite popular with our brides! Do you want to feel like a celebrity without paying the same price? This package is for you. 
This planning package includes the whole kit and kaboodle - we will hire your vendors and make the payments to the vendors, send out your invites, track your RSVP list, coordinate the day of your wedding and so much more. You'll be responsible for your dress and that's all! Don't worry - this is not a hands off package but is also not for the bride that wants to be 100% hands on. We will coordinate with you your vision for your wedding and we will make it happen. 
Prices for this package are as follows:
            $5000 - 50 - 100 Guests
            $10000 - 100 - 200 Guests
            $20000 - 200 - 350 Guests
            Custom Pricing is available for weddings over 350 guests